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This broad yet concentrated area caters to the concerns and necessities of successful worship events. With all areas working together, the total worship experience is enhanced, meeting the individual where they are and taking them where they ought to be; on a higher level of praise.

Children's Church

Children’s Church is a service of Word-oriented teaching that focuses on conveying the word of God as clearly as possible. Through the use of object lessons and illustrated sermons, the Word is taught on a level that is easily understood, received and able to be applied to their lives.

Communion Stewards

Greeter's Ministry

No other ministry is more one-on-one than the Greeters Ministry. The foyer is their chapel, the information desk their pulpit, and the walk around spaces their parish. Our greeters must be full of God’s joy; always accepting one another; honoring one another; showing kindness, love and understanding while giving instruction.

Music Ministry

This area includes the Minister of Music, choir, musicians and directors. Ministry through song is conducted in conjunction with the Christian calendar year and Ministry events.

Door Keepers/Ushers Ministry

In everything there must be order. The ushers are the order coordinators of the sanctuary. They are alert and responsive to the needs of the church. Their primary task is to give guidance to all worshipers, assist the pastor and keep order.

Reach The World Productions

The mission of Reach The World Productions is to reach the world with God’s message through several media outlets. Our ministry operates behind the scenes, but understands the importance and the empowerment that the media outlet provides The Kingdom. RTW Productions is responsible for audio, video, lighting, and staging.

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