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Key Series Discipleship Class

The Key Series Discipleship Class, also known as the 3 Keys Series, is a yearlong class designed to answer this call. More than a "class", it is a series of three sequential courses that cover 3 Key areas:

Key #1

Believers Basics: What We Believe and Teach
Designed to teach the serious student the basic foundations of what this ministry believes and teaches.

Key #2

Spiritual Growth and Development
Designed to build on the foundation laid by Key #1. It walks you through the Bible from the Creation and Fall of Man to his Reconciliation to God to the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit to our Christian ethics today; setting the wheels in motion for the intense study that is to follow in Key #3.

Key #3

Discipleship: Education and Experience
Designed to make disciples. This series helps the student identify his/her calling, enter into a metamorphosis stage, whereby he/she is transformed from a simple hearer of the word to a doer of the word. Key #3 equips and edifies saints for the work of ministry, develops leaders of today for tomorrow and “Builds People to Reign through Kingdom Building Principles.


In order to successfully complete the Three Keys Series, students must:

Physically attend at least 70% of the classes that comprise each Key course

  • Complete all lesson reviews and quizzes in a timely manner
  • Faithfully participate in all applicable course activities, projects and ministry rotation opportunities.

Don’t be left behind – "God’s People perish for a lack of knowledge “But seek for (aim at and strive after) first of all His Kingdom, and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right], and then all these things taken together will be given you” Matthew 6:33 Amplified

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