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Meet Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr.

Pastor Warren L. Henry

A modern-day John the Baptist

Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr., a scholar and profound teacher, author and community activist, has been likened to John the Baptist, a "voice crying in the wilderness". Along with his message that the kingdom of God is at hand, he has been crying out throughout the years for justice and equality in housing, employment, and many other areas of life.

The Call to Ministry

Pastor Henry, acting on a vision God revealed to him, began pastoring in 1975 and has been known as a church builder for over 30 years. His pastorates are extensive and include several in the United Methodist Church. He has published several books through KOG Publications, A Lesson on Biblical Evidence for Understanding Your Prosperity, A Study on Prayer and Fasting and The Ambassador's for Christ Handbook.


Pastor Henry has earned numerous degrees including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Black History from William Carey College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and a double Master of Divinity in Old and New Testament and Christian Education from the Interdenominational Theological Center (I.T.C.) in Atlanta, GA. Pastor Henry also began studies pursuant to his Doctorate degree in Homiletics at I.T.C. and later transferred to Luther Rice Seminary located in Lithonia, Georgia. While working towards the latter degree, he taught Homiletics as an Adjunct Professor at I.T.C.

In the Community

Pastor Henry has also promoted justice, equality and growth by serving and working in various arenas in the civic sector. During his continued quest for equality and justice, Pastor Henry has served as President of the United for Justice Interfaith Partnership, Inc.; President and CEO of Kingdom's Community Center, Inc.; Vice President of South Fulton chapter of Dollars for Scholars; member of the South Fulton Revitalization Steering Committee; spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Coalition and has been a supportive partner in the Red Oak Community Re-development Program. He was appointed to the Housing Authority of Fulton County Board of Commissioners by the Honorable William "Bill" Edwards.

Believing that the very essence of a successful life is helping others, he lives his motto of "trying to help somebody, while I help myself". This can be witnessed along with his other activities, in his staunch support of Fair Public Housing Practices throughout our communities. That desire has led him to receive instruction and training under the auspices of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He has also received appointments to and is a member of the National Association of Housing Counseling Agency; CHDO and NAHRO. He has voiced his concerns over the airwaves as both a radio and television talk show host.

Pastor Henry currently serves as the Chief Administrator of the Community Service Program for the Magistrate Court of Fulton County. His position as Chaplain for Fulton County Public Servant sectors (Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters) prompted him to complete the required 11 weeks of training for law enforcement officers and in 2005, became a Peace Officer Standard Training (POST) Certified Law Enforcement Officer. As he continues to equip himself to better serve Fulton County, Pastor Henry has successfully completed the requirements and has been awarded certification as a Hostage Negotiator.

Inside the Kingdom

Pastor Henry is an avid disciple and scholar of Kingdomology, the study of the kingdom of God. Intense study of the kingdom, has taken him inside the government of God and how God's citizens are to live according to His constitution. Pastor Henry's research has also given him a greater understanding of Reignology, an empowerment of God through the Holy Spirit that teaches God's original plan for humanity and that through the atoning work of Christ, we are able to live and successfully fulfill that original plan. Each week Pastor Henry continues to cry out from the pulpit, promoting "the spirit and unity of oneness", with hopes that everyone will recognize and embrace it as the key to experiencing the equality and justice we are all entitled to, while reigning in God's kingdom.

Warren L. Henry, Sr. is Founder and Senior Pastor of The Kingdom of God Evangelistic Outreach Ministry d/b/a The Kingdom of God International Ministry, located in College Park, GA. He has been married to his lovely wife Sharon since 1977 and God blessed their union with four wonderful children; Shanavia Portis (Stephen), Shawnese Spradley (Quadell), Warren, Jr. (Collette) and Wyndal. He is also very proud of his four precious granddaughters, Ja'dah, Stasie, Janae, Sierra, Saniah and Warren III. He is a skilled musician who studies and plays piano and sings to God's glory with a rich melodious tenor voice.

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