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Our History

A Seed Planted

The Kingdom of God Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, now doing business as The Kingdom of God International Ministry, was initially conceived by Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr. in 1975. The basic premise as conceived by Pastor Henry was to establish a teaching ministry based on the two concepts taught and preached by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; namely, the Present Kingdom and the Social Gospel and the Future Kingdom and Personal Salvation. Though Pastor Henry always focused on this concept, he deferred the actual conceptualization until 1992.

Watering Seed

With a few believers gathered together, the ministry's concept began to become a reality in 1992. Feeling very strongly about the physical location of this ministry, he along with his wife Sharon Henry, Henry Dodson, Lee Haney, Barbara Brown, Mildred Houston, Reginald Lowe, Joseph McFadden, Rhonda Benton, Sandra Golden, Stephen Henry, Gerald and Marie Holland, Emory and Carolyn Brown, Lloyd and Naomi Robinson and children of these families, began to pursue a location. On September 15, 1992, Lee Haney offered Busy Bodies Fitness Center located in College Park, Georgia as a temporary site for worship. The first Sunday worship service was scheduled for September 21, 1992 at that location.

Beginning Sprouts

Within only one month of preaching and teaching Christian discipleship and the purpose of the ministry, sixty-three people entered into and accepted the covenant of the ministry. October 19th, 1992 is significant in that it represents the official establishment of the ministry and the designation of Covenant Sunday. With this continued abundant growth, the Ministry quickly outgrew the Busy Bodies location and other locations through 1994. Using the teachings of Nehemiah as a guiding force, a search committee was appointed by Pastor Henry on Sunday, August 1, 1993.

Deepening Roots

In 1994, Divine Intervention took control. Mrs. Louise Bennett, a real estate broker and member of Forest Hills Baptist Church, called Pastor Henry to inquire whether a permanent church home had been located and if there was an interest in their property. What a joy to have received that call! Mrs. Bennett took the interest back to Forest Hills Baptist congregation and with God at the helm, Pastor Henry, Barbara Brown and Louise Bennett met to begin preliminary negotiations. Thus the beginning of worship services of The Kingdom of God Evangelistic Outreach Ministry at 4590 Welcome All Road. While sharing the facility, The KOG held service at 2:00 p.m. and Forest Hills at 11:00 a.m. This arrangement continued for one year and the Ministry continued to grow. On February 27, 1995, The Kingdom of God became the owners of the property, closing negotiations and realizing finally, a permanent home.


Our unfaltering faith and acting out our stewardship made this effort a reality. Much has happened during the course of this ministry - from its inception until now. Each year God continues to bless the Ministry. Our course has been charted, ministries have developed, evangelism efforts have flourished and empowerment of our community and our congregation through teaching and preaching God’s word moves forward. In 2009, continuing to be led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Henry officially changed the name of the Ministry to The Kingdom of God International Ministry. Through this fulfillment of our destiny, the Ministry is consistent in living out the five-fold purpose of the church as we let the Reign of GOD– rain on us.

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